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Specification :

Headband material: extension-type rubber elastic band

Cap circumference: 55-60cm

Shield size: 32*22cm, thickness: 0.2mm

Gross weight: about 31g

Dimension: 0.36*0.36*0.39cm

Quantity: 200 PCS/box

Gross weight per box: 6.3KG

Features :

1. Good protecting effect, light and comfortable to wear, easy and convenient.

2. Adopt APET for the cover. Colorless and transparent. Protect face skin and eyes effectively.

3. Have features of double side antifogging, anti-static and antidinic. It can prevent blurred vision from the temperature difference and vapor. No stimulation to the eyes.

4. Effectively avoid injuries caused by splash of potential patient blood, body fluid and harmful chemical matter.

Application :

Applicable departments : disease control and prevention, dental department, stomatology department, appliances washing, chemical production and other field needs to protect face, eye, nose and mouth.

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