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Medical Mask Standard

April 30, 2020

We expect that the COVID 2019 can be controlled soonest. At this time, many companies are gradually returning to work. Some may worry that how to protect himself in this period :

1. How to protect yourself when taking public transport:

✔ When taking public transport, wear face masks all the time. 

✔ Disinfect armrest and tray table by the alcohol prep pad.

✔ Carry hand sanitizer with yourself. Pay attention on the hand sterilization.


2. What to do in the crowed office environment :

✔ Wear masks all the time. If there is good ventilation in the office, you can take off the masks.

✔ Disinfect computer, mobile, keyboard, mouse and office table by the alcohol prep pad.

✔ Before having lunch, wash and disinfect your hands. If having lunch in the restaurant, better to have 1m distance with others. No talking when having lunch.